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Grated green mango salad

Authentic Thai Recipe for Spicy Mango Salad

Learn to make a versatile Thai green mango salad with these medium to large-​size grater and grate the green mango as you would a carrot. The Good News The mangoes in this jalapeño-spiced salad are full of vitamin C. Be sure to use firm, underripe fruit: They add an essential tang to the recipe.

You can toss steamed salads with just about any sauce, from your favorite salad dressing to spicy barbecue sauce to your favorite salsa. Served hot grate green a sauce, they make a worthy side dish for meats or hearty vegetarian main dishes. Served cold, you can toss them with oil, vinegar, fresh herbs and salt and pepper to make an elegant and flavorful salad.

Cooking a medley of ingredients together in a mango salad is a process rife with wild cards. Meats cook far more slowly than vegetables, and if you add your vegetables too early, it's easy to overcook them, especially if you're working with tender varieties such as green beans and zucchini.

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