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Chinese sweet potato porridge recipe

Chinese Sweet Potato Pancakes 红薯饼

Learn to make this soothing rice porridge with vibrant scallion-ginger oil at Food & Wine. Although it's a very simple dish, it's so delicious and perfect to eat when you're sick! I added purple sweet potato to this recipe, but it can also be.

This recipe is also approved if you are on the Pegan diet. Form two equal size mounds of egg whites on the prepared baking sheet and make a small indentation on the top slow cooker pulled pork fajitas enough to later place one egg yolk in each.

Recipe, Sweet Potato Porridge INGREDIENTS: g rice, rinsed ●g sweet potato, peeled and cut into 3cm cubes.

The prepared raw meat is poached in water that is heated to boiling chinese sweet potato porridge recipe for 20-30 seconds, just enough to remove rawness yet preserving the meat's tenderness.

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