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In Boston, These Robots Are Now Serving Up $8 Salads and Bowls

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Such a pan is called tapa, tapappa or tobacco, the pan has a heavy lid with a press and screw. For not having the original frying pan, you can cook chicken tobacco in a cast iron skillet or even on a burger and salad restaurant sheet. In order to make the dish better prepared, you need to very well press the chicken carcass to the bottom of the pan, for this you can use a flat plate and a homemade press.

The press and the dishes themselves should not have plastic handles, because in the oven they will melt.

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Yes, in fact all of our doughnuts are vegetarian - and egg free. We never use eggs, preservatives or anything artificial and our doughnuts contain no trans fat. See our menu for burger and salad restaurant flavors.

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