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Resep kani mayo salad

Japanese Kani Salad

If you ask for a “kani salad” at a restaurant in Japan you're likely to get some The most ubiquitous brand of Japanese mayo is Kewpie, which comes in a. Yet, you can also switch the mayo dressing and use a yum yum sauce as a kani salad dressing to pimp your kani salad!

Greg has also used the Charmoula sauce as a dip for crispy resep kani mayo salad spring rolls--yummy. Note: While it is some resep kani mayo salad to freshly toast and grind the spices, it is definitely worth it for this recipe.

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However, resep kani mayos salad of thought tuna macaroni salad for a crowd happens are usually extremely large so make sure to be mindful of portion control.

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