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Pork milanese with kale salad

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Transfer to a container with an airtight lid, and store in the refrigerator or pork milanese with kale salad. Cut the quail in half; wash them in vinegared water, drain and pat dry with kitchen towels.

Kale Apple Quinoa Salad, includes fresh kale, sweet apples, nutritious quinoa, cranberries, crunchy walnuts, tangy goat cheese and a bright vinaigrette. Thanks to this refreshing kale salad, I’ve finally found a way to eat raw kale and have it actually taste good! We couldn’t get over how delicious this salad was and I’m already thinking of when I’ll be making it again! The flavor of the dressing, thanks to the lemon juice and honey in it, really helps tone down the somewhat harsh flavor of the raw kale.

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