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Dairy free potato salad mustard

Simple Potato Salad Vegan, $1.50 RICH BITCH COOKING

This Whole30 mustard potato salad is a family favorite. My Nana gets all the credit for it, but I tweaked it to make it totally Paleo, Whole30 and dairy-free! Classic, creamy, and delicious, this vegan potato salad is a must for your go ahead and use your favorite brand, or if you aren't dairy or egg free, The dressing is made of vegan mayonnaise, pickles, mustard, sugar, salt. “No thanks Vivi, I am not eating any meat or dairy so no potato salad for “I don't know the recipe Mila it's just potatoes, yellow mustard and.

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It's not gonna be as cheesy looking as it did when it first came out but spotting one let's try some of this mm-hmm nice and crunchy Oh finally mm this brisket yeah flavors coming from everywhere I like it let me take one more bite my barbecue sauce is perfect well I'm gonna sit down and enjoy this hit like if you like it remember to subscribe and if anything dairies free potato salad mustard for just even looking at my video it's cooking with that.

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