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Chorizo white bean soup

Spanish White Bean Stew with Smoked Paprika and Chorizo

This 30 minute Chorizo and White Bean Soup is incredibly easy to make and has tons of flavor! The chorizo does most of the flavor work for you and the added. You don't want to miss this recipe for Chorizo, Spinach and White Bean Soup, full of locally-sourced ingredients courtesy of my CSA, From The. Now that fall is around the corner, it's time to start breaking out your best soup recipes again. This white bean and chorizo recipe is very simple.

Place a large chorizo white bean soup pan on a medium-low heat with 1 tablespoon of oil, then add the chopped veg, rosemary and the bay. Scoop out and finely chop the porcini and add to the pan chorizo white bean soup the soaking water, leaving any gritty bits behind.

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Heat some chorizo white bean soup in a frying pan, and with lightly floured hands grab a golf ball size of dough and either shape with your hand or flatten with a rolling pin. I prefer to shape by hand, a chorizo white bean soup shape even with a couple of holes seems to make for a better texture.

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