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Avocado penne pasta salad recipe

Avocado Pasta, No Cream and Cheese, Healthy Recipe by Priyanka Rattawa

The secret ingredient in this Creamy Avocado Pasta Salad recipe will It blends into the sauce so well and you have a healthier pasta salad! All American Recipe Contest, Healthy Summer Recipe Category First Place Winner! Penne pasta is combined with Dijon mustard and honey. Creamy. This pasta salad uses avocados in place of mayonnaise for a dressing that is rich and creamy yet loaded with the benefits of avocado! This Avocado Pasta Salad is one that'll be different than all the fresh lemon juice and it's a creamy, bright, super duper healthy dressing.

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Strawberry Avocado Pasta Salad is an easy and tasty summer pasta salad recipe that everyone will love! This penne pasta salad with feta, strawberries, avocado, poppy seed dressing and more is so light and fresh. Serve it warm or serve it cold, either way, it’s sure to be a hit! We’ve tested out the FRIDGEFRESH in keeping produce extra fresh for this recipe, and we are completely hooked!.

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