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Watermelon sponge cake and

Bánh CHIFFON tạo hình DƯA HẤU, Watermelon Chiffon Cake (Soft Cotton Cake), 수박 쉬폰 케이크, スイカシフォンケーキ

With a special request for a watermelon cake, I made a sponge cake with a cold-​pressed watermelon simple syrup mixed into whipped cream! Watermelon, you wonderful fruit! Not only do you look as pretty as a picture, with your vivid pink flesh and sweet stripy rind, we imagine that if.

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You can make delicious homemade gravy in a jiffy with a few easy steps and simple techniques.

Hi! Today I made a two tiers #cake with two different flavors, pineapplecake and watermelon using my sponge cake recipe and #jello. For the #watermeloncake.

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Loaded with tender hunks of chicken, carrots and potatoes in a rich savory curry sauce. I have some chicken thighs that watermelon sponge cake and bought by accident and need to be used. Or you can find new taste of curry rice, And also I recommend.

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