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Roast sweet potato baby spinach salad

Sweet Potato Feta Spinach Salad

I've started commuting again for work and I'm on a mission to always have a decent lunch with me. I made a big salad over the weekend and.

If the only thing stopping you from roast sweet potato baby spinach salad vegan is FOMO on cheese, try this perfectly cheesy side. You can also add dried cranberries or apricots for sweetness and added color.

With roasted sweet potato, baby spinach, wild rice, feta and almonds drizzled with a honey lemon lemon sauce, this Sweet Potato Salad certainly has oomph!! With a great variety of textures and flavours, you’ll happily scoff down a giant bowl for dinner, take leftovers to work the next day, you’ll feel full, you’ll feel good, and you won’t miss meat! Sweet Potato Salad. If the kaleidoscope of colour doesn’t get you, then ONE BITE is all it will take to convince you that this is a sweet potato salad to die for!! It’s got it all – freshness from baby spinach, sweet cubes of sweet potato with cara.

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