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Instant pot ultra chuck roast recipe

Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots in the Instant Pot Ultra 60 Pressure Cooker

If you are new here and looking for some more Instant Pot Recipes be sure to try my Instant Pot Mac and Cheese and Instant Pot Beef Stew! The first Instant Pot recipe I want to share is my Perfect Pot Roast, While it heats up, season a chuck roast with nuttin' but salt and pepper.

I have found a well balanced mix of cooked and raw meats, link 3x's a week, scrambled eggs, low fat cheeses, sweet potatoes, and veggies make my pups very happy and according to the recipe, they are very healthy. Good blood work,healthy bacon and roll mudgee, good pottys,nice coats,no allergy issues, excellent energy levels and over all a very happy pet.

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Even if you're not still in school, this is the perfect inexpensive menu that can be as no-frills or as instant pot ultra chuck roast recipe as you want. All you need for this recipe is some frozen spinach, a can of artichoke hearts, and a whole lot of cream cheese.

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