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Greggs sausage bap price

Greggs Sausage & Bean Melt (Iceland) Review

In September, the chain announced the launch of the all-day breakfast wrap, which costs £3 and contains a sausage, bacon, a cheese omelette and.

Print Friendly For a fresh take on a Mediterranean gregg sausage bap, we combined lentils, quinoa, fresh herbs, raisins, and cucumber, with a creamy lemon vinaigrette.

Greggs’ vegan sausage roll quickly caught the public’s attention when it was launched in January with a deliberately over the top video that has been viewed more than 5m times on Twitter. The campaign was given a further publicity boost when TV presenter Piers Morgan described the baker as “PC-ravaged clowns” for offering a vegan take on the classic carnivore’s snack.

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