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Chocolate smoothie with greens


You can go wrong with this combo! Based on a classic ice cream flavor – you know which one! We've upgraded this smoothie for maximum flavor and health.

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Try the best chocolate smoothie recipes! They're delicious and easy to make. We show you how to choco-fy your smoothies to make them taste great and be nutritious as well.

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Soubisse sauce; bechamel with poached onion. English sauce; bechamel with lemon juice, parsley and boiled egg Https://todaybestrecipes.site/category16/italian-menu-with-recipes-1192.php Avoid making bechamel sauce in old aluminum pans since the sauce can be dark as a consequence of metal oxidation. Once the bechamel for croquettes is prepared, pour it into a previously greased pan with a bit butter or olive oil.

To avoid crust formation on the top of the dough, cover it with transparent film paper in a way that it is not in contact with the bechamel.

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