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Bulgogi recipe with egg

Bulgogi (Korean Marinated BBQ Beef: 불고기) Recipe : Season 4, Ep. 1, Chef Julie Yoon

My Korean Bulgogi Steak with Fried Egg is about to be my new best put in the marinade that had me going Korean Bulgogi Steak Crazy!

Cut the hero rolls open, then spread each one with mayonnaise. Layer the slices of eggplant onto the bread in equal portions, and top with equal portions of the mozzarella and the sliced roast beef. When fire is ready, rub tuna lightly with olive oil, then sprinkle it with salt and pepper. When tuna is done, spread a portion of herb mixture on 1 side of each steak and serve with lemon wedges.

Just a short clip of how we put together our famous "Bulgogi cheesesteak" and how to properly consume with the egg on top, enjoy. Video credit to the very.

Both of them came out with loads of Rocket on. Sadly that was the only learn more here thing about it. It was sloppy, hardly had any Cheese and when I picked each slice up all the toppings bulgogi recipe with egg off.

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