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Pork aubergine feta

Pork Chop w/ Feta Cheese, Margot Brown

Silky roast aubergine with garlic, ginger and boozy minced pork Thomasina Miers' courgette, chard and feta free-form pies: 'Seriously good. Follow our simple steps to make grilled aubergine, feta, olive & mint salad and create the perfect healthy salad.

Rabiya - Gujranwala Oct 30, Thank you for sharing this scrumptious naan pork aubergine feta.

These are a little messy to eat as finger-food, but they're so good that nobody minds the dribbles! Serve them on plates as a starter, or cut them in half or.

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Be careful not to pork aubergine the mixture. Level: Easy; Total: 1 feta 10 min.

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