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Leftover veg couscous

Couscous with Vegetables Recipe, video with my Grandmother, CookingWithAlia, Episode 99

These Couscous Veggie Patties make use of leftover couscous, fresh diced vegetables and spices. They get a quick sauté and a squeeze of.

A quick finger-sampling of the root vegetables revealed a perfect consistency-not too soft, not too hard, and of very good flavor. I poured cream root vegetable recipe the broth into a stove top pot and whisked in a modest flour and butter roux, heating until thickened.

I ended up with three cups or more of liquid, of which over half leftover veg couscous out of the vegetables. Vegetables arrived click the same time track as the meat, and kept their own identity.

Wipe the top inside edge of the pan clean with a spatula or leftover veg couscous to avoid burning and place in the oven.

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