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How to make rice porridge in instant pot

Chicken Congee 雞粥, Instant Pot

6 simple ingredients & 6 easy steps to make this comforting Instant Pot Chicken Congee in Pressure Cooker.​ Step aside chicken noodle soup, here comes the Instant Pot chicken congee!​ Congee, also known as Jook, is a rice porridge that has thousands of years of history in the Chinese. Instant Pot Congee with tender chicken and spinach is your perfect one-bowl dinner. It only takes 2 minutes to prepare and you'll have dinner ready in

How you like your shake thick or thin will dictate the amount of ice you use.

EP#09 Eli gets his shots and quick and easy way of making rice porridge using the Instant Pot, tree trimming and husband makes papaya salad. We often make.

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