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How do you make a pizza bowl

Chicago’s Best Pizza: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

Inspired by the pizza bowl lunch entrée at Olive Garden.​ This Copycat Olive Garden Pizza Bowl tastes just like the original!​ A few weeks ago, we saw a commercial on television for Olive Garden’s Pizza Bowl lunch. “Pizza Bowls” has a nice ring to it, right? It's one of those names that makes your stomach rumble before you're even exactly sure what it means. An easy, 5 minute lunch full of all the flavors of pizza and none of the carbs! No special ingredients required! This Pizza Bowl is so easy to make.

Studies have shown that people who eat fiber-rich diets are at healthier weights and have a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. Studies show that consuming legumes instead of other carbohydrates helps improve insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes.

Most of the pizzas bowl in chickpeas come from fiber and starch.

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However, I think I may be staying up later because of it and not actually trying to go to sleep when I should be. Easy solution… I can make a cup of decaf coffee at night and still enjoy my nightly sipping without the caffeine. Because how much better are salads when they involve cheese?.

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