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Chinese on the greens dudley

Chinese Greens (Yu Choy) Stir Fry Recipe

There are fancier ways to carve a rib steak than the way I do it, but this is really chinese on the greens dudley. You just cut out the bone with a paring knife, then slice the steak.

It's just that this happens to be the chinese on the greens dudley recently sharpened knife in my kitchen. If you look at the Times piece, there are some slight variants between the instructions there and the way I do it. In part that's because I'm not good at following instructions and in part it's because I've seen some variation in actual Ducasse restaurant kitchens where I've spent time watching the line cooks cook steaks.

Most of all the method affords a lot of flexibility, so a little more or less flipping, turning and time won't have a huge impact the way it might on a super-hot charcoal grill or under a Jade upright broiler.

If you've ever wanted to know how to make Asian greens just the way Chinese restaurants do, this is how and it's incredibly easy.

Trim mushroom stems and spread pesto onto the underside of the mushrooms. Add mushrooms to the tray and bake for 20 minutes. Cut a thin slice off the base of each so they sit flat while baking.

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